Life Update #1

I have decided to do a life update series. Of whatever is going on in the day or hour. I will try to make them as interesting as I can! So now introducing the first blog of the Life update series!

So right now my mother is getting her hair done. (for three hours!) That is the average amount of time. The only reason I like it here is because they have chocolate, and me and Kathryn (My little sister) can do anything we want, while my mother is glued to her seat for three hours. And we get to bring our iPads. Which is pretty awesome. Even though they are for school only. Did I tell you we are homeschooled? Its our first year. Just wanted to explain that first. Any-who, I am sitting in a blue-tealish Chair that is super cozy, I know you want chocolate. Its tempting! The chocolate is right beside me. Maybe I can just take one more piece…🍫So YUMMY!

Thank you!


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